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Text Sccribe  is a Annual Conferences and Meeting Organizer Press and Online News Center harnessing the latest information related to Healthcare, Science, Technology, Business  updates across the World. Its an open-access platform established to take research closer to the scientific community. Panning across vital fields such as Science, Technology, and Medicine, Text Sccribe publisher aims to publish content in the respective fields through Open Access. By reaching deeper into the readers and enthusiasts of the Scientific Community, the Text Sccribe makes the purpose of Open Access publishing fulfilled without charging any fee.

Text Sccribe bring new-age experience through our Onine News articles and Open Access publications which are available for scientists, scholars, and students free of charge. Text Sccribe does not only publish research but brings Scholarly and scientific communities at one place with Journals having high scope and impact in research. Through its Open Access Journals, Text Sccribe  publishes the research related to Lasers, Optics, and Photonics & Sensors, Emerging Infectious and Rare Diseases, Nursing and Health Care, Cancer Science and Therapy, Aeronautics & Aerospace Research, Neurology, Biomedical Research, Alzheimer’s Disease & Parkinsonism,  Pediatrics and Child Development, Pharmaceutical Sciences,  Microbiology  work based on the Creative Commons Attribution Licence and also supporting Bethesda's statement for Open Access Publishing.

We appreciate and would like to acknowledge support from our associations and non profit organizatins as follows:

The Florida Poison Information Center Tampa (FPICT)
The Florida Poison Information Center Tampa (FPICT) is part of the Florida Poison Information Network with 2 other centers located in Jacksonville and Miami. The FPICT has been saving lives and reducing healthcare costs since 1982. The center provides free, fast confidential medical advice 24/7 on the poison helpline 1-800-222-1222. Staffed by doctors, nurses, and pharmacists who provide immediate assistance for poisoning emergencies and answer poison related questions. The toxicology experts provide assessment, triage, management and monitoring recommendations to facilitate timely diagnosis and shorten length of stay. The center also monitors poisoning trends and can provide area specific data upon request. Educational programs are also offered in the form of lectures, in-services, grand rounds, and toxicology rotations. The Florida Poison Information Center Tampa often sends timely alerts to all hospitals and pharmacies in the region to inform them about new poison hazards and emerging trends.

Website http://innovatenursehub.com/who-we-are/
NIHUB is a global community platform dedicated to empowering nurses and technology experts to think creatively about alternative ways to solve healthcare problems using technology. NIHUB encourages idea and innovation development through supportive forums and virtual pitch fest. NIHUB provides information, education and insight, highlighting innovations and recognizing nursing innovators. Our aim is to provide global reach, visibility, community, education and resources to front-line nurses and technology experts to create need-driven, high-tech healthcare innovations.

Canadian Academy of Sciences of the Canadian Education Agency Inc. Ontario, Canada
Canadian Academy of Sciences of the Canadian Education Agency Inc. Ontario, Canada The Canadian agency of education is keen to make scholarships available to researchers, students and scientific programs under the patronage of the president of the academy, Professor Dr. Mohamed Mr. Good... Academic services: Specialized training and consulting Quality, reliability and calibration - health and food. Research, scientific studies, transfer of technology and support for research and scientific publishing. Study in Canada to achieve the target of international students at Canadian universities. University Partnerships and joint and accredited educational programs. Immigration Canada for the professional and student groups required by the Canadian Immigration Department. The Science and scientific innovation club of the 9 to 12 years. Cultural Forum for the publication of scientific and literary culture.

Through our Regulated Immigration Consultant, we are pleased to help with your, visa, immigration or citizenship issues.
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Website  https://opti-my-wise-life.myshopify.com/password
The opti-MY-WISE life range of supplements is to be launched in February, 2020 as the product is currently in the manufacturing phase. These supplements are based on 11 years of research and have approval for sales in USA, Australia and New Zealand as AUST L 321550. The opti-MY-WISE life range will deliver supplements to aid recovery from chronic psychosis, intrusive thoughts, mood disturbances, environmental sensitivities or chronic pain for quality of life.

Our brain adapts to low energy & lipid metabolism by changing our thoughts, mood, judgement & our perception of the world around us. When taken regularly, opti-MY-WISE life brain well-being helps with the temporary relief of intrusive thoughts, mood disturbances by optimizing energy & lipid metabolic processes. opti-MY-WISE life brain well-being may assist recovery, neurotransmission, energy production, promote health & well-being, in adults who experience chronic intrusive thoughts or mood disturbances. In a clinical trial testing the active ingredient, 81.3% of people improved their chronic intrusive thoughts or mood disturbances by at least 75% over 180 days as an add-on to usual treatments.

Damaged nerve structures & signaling pathways change our perception of pain. opti-MY-WISE life chronic pain helps with the temporary relief of chronic pain by dampening pain signals, inflammation & stimulating cell survival machinery. Taken regularly, opti-MY-WISE life chronic pain may assist recovery, neurotransmission, promote health & well-being in adults experiencing chronic neck or joint pain. In a clinical trial, testing the active ingredient, 81.2% of adults improved their chronic neck or joint pain by 50% or more over 180 days.

People who experience environmental sensitivities to light, sound, energy, electrics, smells or chemicals, have an impaired ability to respond to environmental cues. Taken regularly, opti-MY-WISE life helps reduce this by optimizing protective mechanisms to support adaptation to environmental stressors. opti-MY-WISE life may assist the body to cope with environmental stress, promote health & well-being in adults experiencing environmental sensitivities with regular use over 180- days.  Website for opti-MY-WISE life is going to be opti-my-wise-life.myshopify.com Contact email: contact@opti-my-wiselife.com

Medical Arrow
Website  https://medicalarrow.com/
"Medical Arrow is the first multilingual medical website worldwide, made by Medical Doctors to offer a new vision in Medical Care. We are here to advise you and to find the best medical care for any condition. Our Services Arranging initial online consultations with appropriate specialists Scheduling the needed facilities for treatment; Helping with guides and language translations Organizing transportation Accommodation Arranging post-treatment care; Arranging needed relaxation and rehabilitation in SPA facilities" . Find more information at https://medicalarrow.com

Medvoyage Tourism & Education
Website  https://medicalarrow.com/
"For your comfort, we will introduce you the “MEDVOYAGE TOURISM & EDUCATION” company which organizes your safe stay in another country by resolving bureaucratic issues related to visa, accommodation in hotels and air tickets. And also, we can organize the event you want in any corner of the world. By registering on our portal you receive the privileges of members of the MedProInfo club. Ask what is the benefits (or plus )of this club? We will respond to you very concisely and clearly " Find more information at www.medvoyage.az

Website  https://www.researchbib.com/
ResearchBib is a free academic database that indexes and provides open access to peer-reviewed journals, full text papers, research conferences & positions. We share a passion to build research communities to discover and promote great research resources from around the world and maximize researchers' academic social impacts. Please visist https://www.researchbib.com for more details. Find more information at https://www.researchbib.com

Course for Doctors
Website  http://www.coursefordoctors.com/
"CourseForDoctors.com is a platform that is dedicated to all medical doctors and allied health professionals who are looking to keep their knowledge up to date by finding the right educational sessions and getting the latest news updates in their field of practice. Our platform is open for advertising all healthcare related meetings, seminars, workshops, and conferences." Find more information at www.coursefordoctors.com